Special Servo Motors

Xtrafors BR

Solid and Hollow shaft
Reduced weight brushless motor
Small volumes
High Torque/weight ratio
Panncake size
Low Center of gravity

Xtrafors Prime

No cogging AC servo motors
The modular construction concept is the basis for the wide range of standard models. The slotless stator design results in outstanding technical properties such as high speed, high torque, zero cogging, minimal torque ripple, high efficiency and high rigidity.
Thus, these motors are perfectly suited for various demanding servo applications.

Ballscrew motor

  • Screws with a diameter of 20, 25, 32 and 40 mm can be used depending on frame size.
  • Rated speed 3000 rpm, rated torque 2.6 Nm at a rated current 2.4 A and the length of 100,2 mm.
  • Weight is only 3,3 kg (ball screw excluded).
  • Hiperface, EnDat protocol and a number of drive compatible drive pinouts.
  • IP 65 as a standard can be ordered with IP 67.

Custom Motor

Our innovative stator design and highly skilled design team creates a unique ability to customize standard motors to specific needs and with a cost-effective production even in small volumes. A customized servomotor allows our customers to create a competitive advantage for their products. We has developed several methods for cooling the motor, which increases performance as well as modifying the connectors, shafts and mounting.