Low Voltage Servo Motors

Standard servo motor

Movinor Low Voltage

N range

The brushless synchronous servo motors with conventional 6-pole stator have a completely new design. The modern design of the magnetic circuit, winding and insulation increases the service life considerably. This concept offers a wide range of options, such as additional inertia.
Thanks to their superior power, excellent acceleration capacity, compactness and lightness, the motors in the Movinor Low Voltage range are particularly suitable for high-dynamic on-board applications in combination with the range of servo-drives
Rated torque 0.10 to 4.6 Nm, 48VDC winding, Sizes 37 to 98 mm, High torque, Low intertia, IP-65 protection

Compact servo motor

HDD Low Voltage

The HDD low voltage servomotors are built with the same technology as our traditional AC servomotors. However, they have a coarser winding to cope the higher currents when controlled by a low voltage servo drive. Suitable for battery operated applications such as AGVs, robotics, mobile machinery and other applications traditionally using DC servo motor.
Rated torque from 2,3 Nm to 3.6 nm.
Length from 59,6 to 87.3 mm.
Weight from 2,4 kg to 3,6 kg.
Resolver, Hiperface, EnDat protocol and a number of drive compatible drive pinouts.
The motors can be supplied with or without brake.
IP 65 as a standard be can be ordered with IP 67.