Standard Servo Motors


Innovative AC and DC servomotors, designed for challenging applications


Movinor T

Powerful standard AC Servo-motors
Robust design, wide range of standard models :
Stall torque 0.1…115Nm
Frame size 37…240mm


Movinor N

Very dynamic AC servomotors
This range of motors is based on totally innovative pole-winding stator technology. Optimized mechanical construction combined with high-power magnets give this range a highly favorable torque/size ratio
Stall torque 0.28…60Nm
Frame size 55…190mm


Movinor Low Voltage

T range
The brushless synchronous servo motors with conventional 6-pole stator have a completely new design. The modern design of the magnetic circuit, winding and insulation increases the service life considerably. This concept offers a wide range of options, such as additional inertia.
N range
The motors in this range with pole-wound stator are extremely compact. These motors with stators manufactured in pole winding technology with optimized mechanical construction and stronger magnets result in an increase of power-density of 40% compared to the T range.